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3 Day FREE workshop of

3 ways to RECLAIM your POWER after abuse

Join in & get started today!


Amanda H.

Wow I had an incredibly intuitive and powerful session with Jenn today. She is incredibly intuitive, compassionate and understanding, so I was able to feel completely safe to shine light on emotions that I hadn't realized I'd supressed since childhood and had been blocking me from my own truth and success. 

Thank you so much Jenn, I wish I had found you years ago!


Mel E.

I had such a beautiful healing session with Jenn. I have been focusing on healing my mother wound, after feeling quite triggered recently. During our session, I felt so safe, seen, heard, understood and held through the whole experience. I came away from the session feeling empowered to say what I need to say in the moment, rather than holding back. 

Thank you so much for such a powerful session, Jenn!

Don't stop being you!

Discover your POWER!

Unbecome your trauma & Become your TRUE SELF!

Day 1: Mind & Body

Managing & Controlling emotions

Reconnecting Mind & Body to work together

Day 2: Body Security

Reconnecting with the body to feel

safe, accepted & loved, again

Day 3: Powerful Connections

Jenn goes LIVE to share her moving & powerful backstory!

Learn how to embody a true connection with source moving in your favor

Does this sound like you?


Easily startled & Apologizing for everything


Say yes to things, when you want to say no


Have a hard time feeling emotion or managing your emotions


Have difficulty with relationships (romantic & non-romantic)

"A flower won't grow with just sunlight, otherwise it'll dry up and burn up. Flowers need rain to grow as well.

Accept the rain when it falls, because you know you'll see the sunlight again soon, and the rain will aid your growth in the process"

- Jenn Everson

This is what Powerful Survivor workshop will do:


Trust your self & your judgments of making the right decisions


Gain your self worth & setting healthy boundaries with yourself & others


Learn how to use your mind & body to trust & manage your thoughts & emotions


Learning who you are, not only to love yourself fully, but to no longer accept less in your life

Dancing Women

Your Powerful Survivor Sisters are waiting!

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