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1:1 Programs

Work 1 on 1 with Jenn Everson,

your personal coach to breakaway from your struggles and begin creating the life you want!

Each week is a different experience focusing on different sections of self development. This program is distinctively designed to work within the pace of the client, while demonstrating the importance of re-connecting all three senses of mind, body & soul. 

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1:1 FSF 6 Week Program:

  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions (up to 60mins)

  • Daily access to Coach via messenger/telegram/whatsapp

  • Recorded calls for Client to save/reflect

  • Weekly Homework tailored to your needs

  • FREE Tools & Products


Week 1

Week 4

Week 5

Gain clarity on negative self talk & limiting beliefs, learn about higher self, and discuss new direction & goals

Forgiveness work for self and others, energy clearing/rewriting your story & integrating daily self care routines

Integrating Affirmational devotion, embodying self worth, Learning to speak your truth/voice, becoming YOU, and Setting healthy standards & boundaries

Week 6

Integrating the keys to success, embodying confidence, and becoming more intune with self for greater intuition & higher self belief

Week 2

Week 3

Innovative Consolation into your "why"; your drive into finding peace, freedom and true happiness

Innovative Consolation into your fears, and into where these beliefs were stemmed from

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